Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Richmond's 2008 Dream Auction

My friend Sally came this morning to pick a painting for the live auction on November 29. This luncheon and auction is held to benefit the "Dream Auction". What is the dream? To quote -"Our dream is that no child in Richmond will suffer from poverty". On the surface, Richmond looks like a prosperous community- and, on some levels, it is. However, there is poverty - and poverty that is virtually invisible. Statistics show that 30.7% of Richmond's children under 15 live in poverty and that the annual income for a family of four living in poverty is $14,900 a year. The poverty gap in Richmond is one of the highest in Canada.The goal this year is to raise $35,000 toward directly helping the children of Richmond - through school breakfast programs, the Food Bank, Community Meals and Nova House. So - it was easy to make the decision to again support this very worthwhile charity. The donated painting is "Moored" which can be seen in my Gallery 2006. If anyone else wishes to support this -please come to the luncheon - and bid on auction items - maybe even on my painting! the date is Saturday, November 29 from 10am to 2 pm at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel, 7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, B.C. Adult tickets are $35 and are available through Gilmore Park Office at 604-277-5377.

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