Monday, February 24, 2014

Art - or trash?

I was just reading another post where an art story from Italy was reported. An "art display" got tidied up by the gallery cleaning staff. Apparently part of it consisted of broken cookies on the floor. No wonder there was confusion. Personally, I am a little tired of "installations" that consist of trashy items. If it looks like part of a teenage bedroom, to me it isn't art. I think art has to involve some creation, not just assemblage. There should be some evidence of the hand of the creator- brushstrokes in a painting, for example. Given the same items and the same space, two people could duplicate an assemblage - so where is the art? I'm with the cleaning lady- and against cookie crumbs on the floor.
     This post's painting is the "Card Shark" from last year's Dirty Thirties drawing marathon. Great model. Can you tell he is the same person as the "Rum Runner"? Here he has on a wig. He has a great collection of costumes and is great at holding a pose.

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