Saturday, March 22, 2014

Drawing this week

      Drawing again this week at Adrienne's- with Gail being our model. We had a small group and all went well. I'd just got some more paper in "tobacco" colour and it seemed the right choice for the red and white outfit Gail wore. I used some pan pastels for a bit of an underlay- worked mostly in hard pastels but I found a few soft pastels were good for specific colours - especially a rich warm red. It would be nice to have a big selection of soft pastels - but, then, more to carry around. Mine are rather ancient and down to mostly nubs. However, they don't change in consistency and are as rich in pigment as ever. It was a good session and I'll also post this to my life drawing board on Pinterest. I've been reading "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon . Yes, same fellow who wrote the book on priming your creativity "Steal Like an Artist". Kleon thinks you should do something **every day** to show your work. Well, that it isn't going to happen but my aim will be to blog at least once a week.
      Recently  I looked at an interesting piece on logos and the meaning that colours carry for us. Since this is art that we see everyday- and often don't think about much- I'll include the link here.

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