Sunday, May 28, 2017

Less than a week!

This  time, in a week, DoorsOpen will become "doors closed" and it will be over for another year.  So... don't miss it! I will have the full series (well all I am doing for now - who knows if I will return to the theme?) of "City Evenings" - some have been posted on blogs - but there are some that haven't been - so come and be surprised. June 3rd and 4th, 10 am to 3pm. Brochures available at various city locations- community centres etc. There will be a piece in Richmond News and you can also go to the city website  I have a draw for a free painting.
    I thought I would post something different  than another "City Evening" this time- but it is also recent. This is "Autumn Hike"from the Mount Baker area- getting towards the end of last year's hiking season. I have a request in for more hiking photos this year- especially waterfalls- so we will see. I used to enjoy hiking - although I never did any overnight hikes. Autumn colours somehow seem especially amazing up in the mountains. I still remember a hike up Mount Arrowsmith when the whole scene couldn't have been more lovely- like it was planted by a Master Gardener. Well, maybe it was!

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