Thursday, October 16, 2008

art avenue- Federation of Canadian Artists Publication

The September/October 2008 edition of "art avenue" (volume 8) shows a photo of my painting "Birches-Winter" from the Canvas Unbound III show of May 20-June 3 at the Federation Gallery. This is the painting that I blogged about on May 16th and it is nice to see it in the magazine. If you want a copy, you can pick one up at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.

Right now,the birch is still covered in leaves. Most of them are still green, with only a few turning yellow. I think it must be be because we had rain in August. It looks like a slow Autumn. I could still be raking leaves in December! A curtain of mostly green doesn't strike me as something I want to paint- but, maybe, when the leaves turn to gold and thin out- we'll see...

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