Monday, February 12, 2007

"Which Picasso"

I'm working on my series of portrait paintings of Richmond artists which will be shown in Richmond City Hall in September/October. In the process, I often see the artist's studio and their work both past and present. It is interesting to see how styles change and how the artist has gone through various stages. These changes of styles are also noted in renowned artists and we see an artist such as Picasso going through changes so distinct that each has been endowed with a name of its own- such as the Blue period or the Classical period. I have been going through old issues of Horizon magazine and, in an article about Picasso, the author, Alfred Frankfurter, states "In a remark that may be apocryphal yet remains sympathetic, Picasso is said to have answered someone's criticism, "I don't like Picasso," with the response, "Which Picasso?"
Most serious artists do move through various "periods" as life and experience change them. I'm continuing my fruit and veggie series for now (remember, I didn't get enough cherries so that some survived to be painted!) but the portraits are different again. One of the "Fruit Period" paintings - if it may be given such a grand title- is showing from February 20 to March 9 at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. Look for "Black Friars".
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