Monday, September 26, 2011

Cultural Days

How did we get near the end of September so soon? Some of it whirled by in preparation for the Grand Prix of Art Steveston, where we started out painting in the rain this year. Now we are up to Cultural Days and Richmond Artists Guild is doing a Life Drawing demonstration in the foyer of Richmond Art Centre this Friday evening. We will have a clothed model in one pose and the general public will be invited to watch or try drawing. I plan on worked in coloured pastels (conte' crayon) so I may produce something like this one. This was Helene in a hat with a veil. We have a different model on Friday night so I may very well post the results.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


September always seems like the start of a new year- guess that is sort of an academic hang-over! Still, it is a time when meetings start up again after the summer break and we get into the swing of things again. I've already received notice that my painting, "Have a Cool One" will be in Autumn Salon at the Federation Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver. It opens on September 20th and runs until October 2nd. I love the play of light and shadow and this was especially a joy to do with the interesting shadows cast by the straw hat. Nadine, the model, likes the way the painting turned out too. I did a pastel in an hour and a half - and also took a photo for additional reference. Being able to put paint on in layers really adds a richness that isn't quite there in the pastel. Peter Aspell, one of my former teachers, used to talk about "the sensuous quality of paint." I like to aim for that. I used transparent darks for the shadows. Anyway, I'm glad that "Have a Cool One" is having a chance to be seen in an exhibit.