Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's a new one to look at

Well, better late than never and all that sort of thing- finally got the photos together and now there is a new gallery added to the website. It is a total "mixed bag" of various directions I'm exploring. "Apple Grid" is 16 of the 6x6 apple paintings - sixteen different varieties. One of the apples has a bite out of it - but- not shown- there is an alternate apple (unmunched) that could be hung in the grid - or beside it! "Reading" and "Teatime"are two very recent paintings done "En plein aire"- outside painted on the spot. In this case, the "spot" was Tanya's garden. It is an interesting challenge to paint quickly enough to get it "done" before the model's time is up. The time pressure can actually prompt a lively painting. "#7 Plane " is one of the series of tool paintings. Earlier ones include "Compass" and "Chisel".They are all "mixed media" as I have involved bits of collage with construction plans and drawings in conte as well as acrylic paint. These are inspired by my Dad's old tools - with so much more character than modern offerings from the hardware store. There will probably be more tools painted in the future. "Early Snow" is also mixed media with built-up texture as well as many bits of collage. "Evening- Steveston Landing" is the latest in what seems to be an ongoing look at Steveston Landing at various times. I probably like it best when the lights come on and add to the reflections. Positioning of boats and the height of the tide make for changes in the scene. In this latest version, I was interested in the magical feeling of lights reflecting in the water. For something entirely different, take a look at "Gelato". This was pure fun - can you tell that I like ice cream?