Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Spelling List

The Vancouver Sun published a CanWest CanSpell Study Guide today, so I just had to read through it to check out my vocabulary. ( I think I am beyond entering spelling bees!) The first thing that caught my eye was "easel" which, apparently, comes from Dutch. So then, I had to look through the study lists to see what else might appear in arts oriented words. "Landscape" is also from Dutch, while Italian contributions are " graffiti, portfolio" and "fresco".

Old English didn't have many art words on this year's list in spite of Celtic Art - but there was "linseed". With German, we have the colour "cobalt" and, stretching the point, thinking of life drawing - "gestalt". We could stretch it even further and find Robert Genn's term for those paintings that just don't work out- "schnauzer". (As an Airedale owner, he didn't want the better-known term "dog".) We might think of Italy first when we think of "renaissance" but the word comes from French - who also give us "diorama", "collage" and "genre". Latin contributes a number of words that might come into criticism - but I'll settle for "discipline" and "retrospective" from that list. Finally, a whole glory of words for colours from the Arabic- "azure, carmine, crimson, orange, saffron, lemon, lilac "and "henna". - Now, back to the easel.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snowy Evening

Artsolutely Fabulous 2006 on November 25th - Snow! Totally unexpected - and there we were in Richmond, planning to head out to the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club on 184th Street, practically on the 49th Parallel. Intrepid Swiss-born driver, Margreth Fry, decided to try for it and took Bonita Ruttkay and me through the tunnel and on our way. We picked up Sheila Symington, then joined up with Larry Tillyer and spouse at the gala for a pleasant evening. When his painting for the gala was stolen too, Larry managed to do another - almost the same and every bit as terrific as the first one. We enjoyed seeing the impressive display of artist's works and later met the purchasers of our paintings. The buffet was a delight.
There is some suspense to the event as ticket holders have their numbers drawn at random and then get to make a choice. (My painting "Steveston Sunset I" was chosen sixth!) Ticket sales are limited to the number of works received. The holder of the last number drawn aksi receives a special gift - this year it was a stay at an exclusive resort/spa on Vancouver Island.
After a lovely evening, Margreth got us delivered safely home.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Break-in at Artsolutely Fabulous Fundraiser

I donated a painting to White Rock Community Arts Council for their Artsolutely Fabulous fundraiser. There was a break-in and nine paintings were stolen - mine and eight others. My painting was The Courtyard. If you see it anywhere, let the police know!

Small. Smaller. Smallest Opening!

"Small, Smaller and Smallest" just opened at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island. This is a good place to shop for a unique and thoughtful gift - and one size fits all!- original art. Because the pieces are small, so are the prices. I have two works in this show so hope you can drop in to check it out. The show runs to December 3rd.

If you are interested in other subjects of Loraine's fruits and veggie series, contact Loraine via e-mail and she can e-mail photos of other works. There are now over a dozen different types of apples - all 6"x6" - which could be hung individually, placed on shelves - or hung en masse. Ask me about other fruits and veggies too.

Small. Smaller. Smallest!

I've been accepted into the Small. Smaller. Smallest show at the Federation Gallery (Granville Island - Vancouver), with both a pepper trio and mandarin painting. The show will be on from November 14 to December 3rd with all paintings on sale.