Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snowy Evening

Artsolutely Fabulous 2006 on November 25th - Snow! Totally unexpected - and there we were in Richmond, planning to head out to the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club on 184th Street, practically on the 49th Parallel. Intrepid Swiss-born driver, Margreth Fry, decided to try for it and took Bonita Ruttkay and me through the tunnel and on our way. We picked up Sheila Symington, then joined up with Larry Tillyer and spouse at the gala for a pleasant evening. When his painting for the gala was stolen too, Larry managed to do another - almost the same and every bit as terrific as the first one. We enjoyed seeing the impressive display of artist's works and later met the purchasers of our paintings. The buffet was a delight.
There is some suspense to the event as ticket holders have their numbers drawn at random and then get to make a choice. (My painting "Steveston Sunset I" was chosen sixth!) Ticket sales are limited to the number of works received. The holder of the last number drawn aksi receives a special gift - this year it was a stay at an exclusive resort/spa on Vancouver Island.
After a lovely evening, Margreth got us delivered safely home.

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