Friday, January 20, 2017

Variations- same model, different look

The other day at lunch on "studio day" we were talking about what makes a good model. Besides the obvious - holding a pose well, being able to get back into the same pose after a break and having some imagination to make an interesting pose, we also felt that there has to be some rapport with the model. There has to be an input from the model - not just sitting there like a store mannequin- so that it is a team effort, a give and take with artist and model. Last blog showed Michael who is an excellent model who even has a great chest of costumes. A few years ago, at a drawing (and painting) marathon with the theme of the "Dirty Thirties", Michael posed for two sessions. In the top painting, he is a gambler and wore a wig and mustache for this. Then he posed - standing for about 4 hours- as a Rum Runner - complete with telephone and wooden cases for the rum- and pistol tucked into his waistband! His father was a model too and his mother posed for some of the Group of Seven. Models  can make a big contribution  to art and artists. Michael is certainly one who is a  pleasure to work with. Our "Friday" group hopes to have him back again this Spring.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Separation Anxiety"

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and  it is a time of sorting out paintings, wiring, re-arranging and also sorting out the records of sold paintings. I always feel that it completes the creative circle when a painting goes out into a good home. Sometimes, I hear from the owner again and they tell me that they are enjoying the painting- so I get to feel good all over again! Apparently, however, some artists don't like to sell- especially if they feel it is their best work. Robert Genn had this to say about that. "This is a career killer and needs to be neutralized with the knowledge that works of art are always yours no matter whose walls they're on - and they're best off on someone elses'." I always feel that just maybe my best work is going to be the next one anyway! "Michael" the mixed-media piece above was done on a Friday "long pose". We were asking the models to come as they see themselves. Michael is a very good model - which means that he holds the pose well and gets back into it accurately after a break- and he has an extensive collection of costumes. For this, he included a scarf that had belonged to his mother, who was also a model. I may post a couple of older paintings from a drawing marathon with Michael posing in costume and appearing as a completely different character in another blog. My computer needs a bit of an update so I can't post the full 2016 collection of paintings on the website yet. I did put "Michael" on my Pinterest collection of Life Drawings. ... and so it is on to 2017 and more painting - maybe the best ever yet!  ... A final thought- J. Bruce Wilcox, an outstanding quilter, says "Art going out into the world- changes the world."