Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ian Tyson at Vancouver School of Art

The new issue of Maclean's arrived today - with an article about a long time love of Ian Tyson. I was interested to read it as Ian was at VSA when I was there. I don't remember a lot about him - somehow he didn't especially appeal to me - and obviously he wasn't especially taken with me either! I do remember that he came from a fairly well-to-do family in Victoria and his mother went to London, England each year "for the season". This used to amuse me in later years as Ian cultivated the "old ranch-hand" personality. I also remember that he seemed to drink a lot, even then. He and a friend had part-time jobs in a bar - or a restaurant ??- and used to drink anything left in customer's glasses - or so he said. I don't really remember his girlfriend although she was a lovely looking girl. I guess I was too busy doing my own thing and figuring out where I was going with art. In my second year, I took an extra class of life-drawing in the evenings. I had some art supplies in a tool box and I remember being on the trolley when it broke down. I think the trolley just slipped off the wires- but a more conventional looking office worker commented to a friend that maybe I could fix the vehicle. Ian comments on art students being a different breed in those days - I guess we were- and sometimes tried to dress the part! .... "Streetwise" is a little cat that just wanted to be featured this time.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Newsletter done-

I've just done the February newsletter - although there are no actual events or shows in February, for the public. Our drawing sessions and meeting take place, however and work goes on in organizing upcoming events.I put "Memories" on the newsletter, after trying this one of the pan-flute player. Unfortunately, he really didn't fit the space well. Too bad, I like his character face. This was one of series of using the tall, narrow canvas for figure studies. It can be interesting to play around with canvases in different proportions. In real life, the pan-flute was a lighter colour - but it made too stark a contrast so I glazed it over to a deeper golden colour. That is one of the things I like about acrylics - you can change your mind even when the painting is pretty well "finished".