Thursday, June 21, 2018

One down, two to go ..

DoorsOpen was a success with lots of people out enjoying themselves. Marjanka in her burlesque costume was one of the mixed-media pastels on the furnace and she and the "knight" got lots of attention. One thing that was especially nice was the number of people who thanked us artists for putting on our displays.  Next, we are getting ready for the art show that will be in the gymnasium at Steveston Community Centre for the Steveston Salmon Fest on July 1st. We usually get a good turn-out - with the pie-sales just next door helping bring people in from the outside festivities. The following day, some of the members of Richmond Artists Guild are going to make a bit of a showing at London Farm where there will also be a car show by a car club from West Vancouver who are coming out to enjoy "strawberry tea".   It will be a chance to sketch and photograph the cars ...maybe for future paintings?.... as well as show paintings. Some of the faster painters will try their hands at painting on the spot - but I would need longer than a couple of hours to accomplish much. I also want to go inside the house and take some photos as it could be interesting to paint some interior scenes. So far, whenever we have been there, the house has not been open for viewing. In the past, I have made a few donations for the display so I will take a look to see where my grandmother's old sewing machine is.