Monday, August 20, 2012

Warm August days-

Here we are with a "real" summer going for us- nice in some ways but the shade looks good on a lot of days. Our "artist's evening" at Rocannini has been cancelled due to a death in the family of the owner.  Of course, the coffee shop remains open and the display is up. This is a fairly little one of Finn Slough. Hanging near the washroom - which can be a good location as it is a popular route!  I was using a fairly limited palette for this one. I don't always paint with the same colours. I think the choice can help make the mood. This week, I was working with magenta because I was painting dahlias - yet that isn't a colour that is always on my palette. I was reading about a book about black. "Black:the History of a Color" by Michel Pastoureau.  So far, I have resisted buying it as I have quite a few books about colour (explanation of spelling- he is American and uses "color", I am Canadian and use "colour")  Once considered not a colour, black has been perceived in many ways- In Egypt as the preferred colour for divinities associated with death, in the Middle Ages as a symbol of ill omens and evil, back to esteem in the Romanesque period in monastic robes, then even more so in the Reformation as a revolt against excessive pomp in Church displays through modernist artists and now to almost a cliche'. When I went to Art School, there were some teachers who were against the inclusion of black on the palette. A painter still has to use it with caution - unless in abstracts- so as not to create a "black hole" in a landscape - but there are lovely greens that can be mixed with blacks and yellows.  I can't remember, now, if I did that for this painting or not!  I may buy the book yet - but I am trying to weed out the book collection along with tidying up a few other things. "Less is more" - at least sometimes - but can there ever be *too much* in the way of art supplies? And can you ever throw much out? I have a bag of dried crystals to make rabbit skin glue should I ever decide to stretch and prepare a canvas from the very beginning again. Not likely, even with the canvas pliers also saved!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maritime Events

I find myself busy being the coordinator for the Richmond Artists Guild display at the upcoming (August 11 and 12) Maritime Festival. It takes place at Britannia Heritage Shipyards near the foot of Trites on the Fraser River waterfront. We will be showing affordable paintings on the "maritime" theme - and probably a few of local scenes. As well, several of the Guild artists will be painting in various spots on site so you will have a chance to see artists in action. Last year was great fun with stilt walkers -I think the Eagle was my favorite - singing mermaids and more. It is a terrific chance to go onto the docks to see the various vessels that are moored, view the displays - and have a great day out. It is on rain or shine...with our summer, you never know. Be sure to drop by the Guild display as well as the Potter's, the woodcarvers and others. To see this painting, you will need to go on to Steveston to have a cup of coffee at Rocanini and the view the "Heart of Steveston" display which continues through this month. To see more of Steveston and Rocanini, view Episode 8 on Shaw TV "local connections". You can see it at However- the paintings on youtube are not the paintings currently on view. As well as mine, there are works by Jeanette Jarville, Rita McArthur and Karen Parker. There will be a special invitation event on August 24th when all four of us will be in attendance. Fill out a request at Rocanini or phone in to ask to be on the list. Time will be 5 to 7 pm.