Thursday, March 26, 2020


Every year, in February, Opus Art Supplies lists a prompt a day for sketching, painting suggestions. They can be fun to do as your imagination gets a bit of a work-out. With all the current turmoil around shopping and "stocking up", I remembered this one from 2018. The prompt was "supplies" so my immediate thought was art supplies- piles of paper, canvases, paint----- or maybe a backpacker heading off on a hike----- then I decided it would be fun to do a cat shopping for her own supplies so I sketched Isabella making sure she had lots of treats, catnip and her favourite toy. I put this - slightly shortened to fit the space- on my Loraine's Art News for March and people have been enjoying a bit of a smile in today's worrisome world. This year, I am still working on the "prompts" and having more fun in my sketchbook with different subjects.