Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Tub after All

Well, the tub was there - a round one- but it just did not fit well into a composition from the position that I had. So, I left it out. It still was fun to have a full day of painting and to see what everyone else came up with. All were different, of course. Different media, different styles - and everyone had a different position, of course. I'm not sure what to call my painting. Any suggestions? I can always resort to "In the Studio". ...and so, the marathon is over - until the next one.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the Midst of a Marathon

Mark is having a drawing marathon this weekend at Phoenix in Steveston. I've done nine hours of drawing so far and have six hours of painting tomorrow... and that isn't quite a *full* marathon. So far, I have done drawing in coloured conte' on "charcoal" paper 12" x 18". The paper is slightly smaller than I use at Adrienne's - for easier portability up those three flights of stairs. It also works better for half hour and 45 minute poses. I'll probably photograph and post some of the drawings fairly soon. We've had fun with a variety of models and some creative costuming and themes. Tomorrow is an all-day pose ( with a break for lunch) on the theme of a "Degas Bather". Yes, there will be a tub. This is one I couldn't resist. Back when I was in Art School, one of the exam paintings was a model in a bathtub. There was an actual tin bathtub and we were on risers around it, so we could see into the tub. A bouquet of lilacs completed the scene. I remember the young fellows in the class being eager to volunteer for the job of adding more warm water to the tub! This tub, for tomorrow, is the round kind used in country households back in the old days when the bathing took place in the kitchen. It should be another interesting day. My posted painting is another where I did "brush editing". The actual pose had only one visible foot- but criticisms were that it seemed strange and unbalanced. The solution was to invent where a foot might have been and just show a bit of toe. It has been a major improvement. It's also made me aware of avoiding awkwardness in the first place by seeing that hands or feet don't disappear mysteriously.

Friday, May 13, 2011

After DoorsOpen

Richmond's DoorsOpen was last weekend- and I'm still not quite tidied up again. It was a good weekend- except for the weather. Unfortunately, the Saturday was wet so not as many people enjoyed the garden. Everyone was really nice and I had some interesting conversations - some in translation. One young fellow brought his parents. The Dad does traditional Chinese brushwork so was very interested in the paints and surfaces I use. I find the open studio is more of a community outreach than anything else. People like to see the workspace and ask questions. Some want encouragement to try art for themselves - or for their children. One Dad told his young daughter, "See, a lady *can* be an artist!" I wonder if older brothers had been discouraging her? People find we are (relatively) normal, that we try different things and enjoy what we are doing. I always put up some of my drawings (such as the one of Lawrence here) and put out sketchbooks too. Oh- and all the Neapolitan cookies I made got eaten.