Monday, May 27, 2013

"Morning Break"

This is a painting I did a few years ago but it remains one of my favorites and I just chose it to go by my name on the website of Canadian Painters. I accidentally found I was listed there- apparently the list is a hobby of Francois Lareau- and is really quite amazing!   I'm getting a bit more organized after DoorsOpen although I still don't have the stacks of additional paintings all  properly set up yet.  Wednesday night is our "long pose" for Life Drawing - a model in a costume so I have to sort out what papers I have for pastels. I think it is time to restock my supply. I used to like cream and buff a lot - but lately I've been enjoying working on darker colours.  Then, this weekend, a workshop to look forward to - portrait painting with David Goatley . I have to catch up on my photography too as  finally decided that the "pots" painting is finished and I'll have to photograph  its final incarnation plus the last "long pose" from Life Drawing, etc.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

One week later

It is one week after DoorsOpen and I am still reorganizing.  The laundry room wall had a "food wall" this year and some of the small paintings have moved on to new homes.  I will be re-hanging the gardening tools on that wall- actual loppers and clippers, not paintings,  but I thought it might be a good time to post a picture of the sixteen varieties of apples when they were displayed as a group in a show in White Rock. I call them "Iconic Edibles" because they have gold backgrounds like icons and are the focus of attention.  DoorsOpen was really busy this year as our group of three nearby artists was on the bus tour. It also seemed like some cars were following the bus as a lot of people arrived at the same time.  This year's Arts Awards ceremony was this past week at City Hall and I was a finalist in the Volunteerism category.  Lots of art activity in Richmond - but we still need display space for local artists.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow is the day...

I'm still sorting out  for DoorsOpen but I will put out some of the fruit and veggie paintings. They were all painted from "life" a few years ago and some have gone on to new homes. I have three apples up in the kitchen - on my very limited wall-space now that I have more storage and less walls. It is nice to have a bit of art up in a kitchen and this is where acrylics shine . If they get dirty in any way, they can actually be wiped off with no damage to the painting. This pomegranate painting got a bit of a re-do after the colour workshop as I worked more complementary colour into the background.  This is another neat thing about acrylics - you can make changes well after the fact!  I felt the background change brought out more vibrancy in the cut pieces. I think when pomegranates are in season again, that I may very well paint some more.....Off to fix up some labels.  I'm trying a DoorsOpen "special" of 25% off.