Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow is the day...

I'm still sorting out  for DoorsOpen but I will put out some of the fruit and veggie paintings. They were all painted from "life" a few years ago and some have gone on to new homes. I have three apples up in the kitchen - on my very limited wall-space now that I have more storage and less walls. It is nice to have a bit of art up in a kitchen and this is where acrylics shine . If they get dirty in any way, they can actually be wiped off with no damage to the painting. This pomegranate painting got a bit of a re-do after the colour workshop as I worked more complementary colour into the background.  This is another neat thing about acrylics - you can make changes well after the fact!  I felt the background change brought out more vibrancy in the cut pieces. I think when pomegranates are in season again, that I may very well paint some more.....Off to fix up some labels.  I'm trying a DoorsOpen "special" of 25% off.

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