Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art Visions 2008

Currently, there is an exhibit in Kelowna in two side-by-side galleries - Hambleton Galleries and Art Ark Gallery called Art Visions 2008. Organized by the Central Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists it is a juried show that was open to all other FCA members. Apparently the competition was stiff - so I was really pleased to have "Windows" accepted. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the opening - which must have been a very nice event. The show continues to November 6th.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

art avenue- Federation of Canadian Artists Publication

The September/October 2008 edition of "art avenue" (volume 8) shows a photo of my painting "Birches-Winter" from the Canvas Unbound III show of May 20-June 3 at the Federation Gallery. This is the painting that I blogged about on May 16th and it is nice to see it in the magazine. If you want a copy, you can pick one up at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.

Right now,the birch is still covered in leaves. Most of them are still green, with only a few turning yellow. I think it must be be because we had rain in August. It looks like a slow Autumn. I could still be raking leaves in December! A curtain of mostly green doesn't strike me as something I want to paint- but, maybe, when the leaves turn to gold and thin out- we'll see...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I've recently returned home from two weeks in the Czech Republic and one week in Rome. I am planning paintings based on this change of scenery. So far, I haven't picked up a brush as I was distressed at how thin and listless Albert the cat was. I made a veterinarian's appointment and a number of tests were done and x-rays taken. Poor Albert had cancer. He was a wonderful cat, very loving and full of personality and ideas as to how he wanted things to be. He was also very handsome with fluffy black fur and long white whiskers. I painted his portrait a few years back and it was hung for a show in Richmond Art Gallery. I held him in my arms so he would know he was loved while he was put to sleep. I wanted to be supportive for him as he had been so loving over the years. Albert is much missed.