Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More playing...

Here is  a very small one (I think it is about 7 by 9) that I was playing with a bit more- adding more flecks of colour to liven it up. I think it is richer looking now. I wasn't worried about actual colours - just trying to create a mood of a fairly warm summer day turning to evening. For those who know the area, this is along the dyke near Terra Nova - but definitely not a photograph.
I've found a new toy on the internet- it is Golden Paints virtual mixer - all the fun of creating colour mixes without actually opening your own tubes. I'd like to make even lighter tints than is possible, but you still get a very good idea. The "lighter" was because I was mostly playing with the idea of skin tones.  I like doing people and am sort of a frustrated portrait painter - no paying clients. Still, I enjoy our models. I've had one person, at least, say why would they want a painting of  someone they don't know? Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to bother us that we don't have a personal connection to a  portrait subject if the artist is well-known. Well, I'm not Rembrandt or Lucien Freud, but some of the paintings have turned out reasonably well. I've actually given a few away to the models - better to have them out there in the world being enjoyed by somebody. My current "model" - not always willing- is Digby - Isabella's brother cat. So my fun of creating colourful black cats continues. ...another way of playing...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Absolutely the last version....

This is definitely the last version of "Pots and Shards". After I got it back from the show, I decided that it did need a bit more detailing and shadows on the left hand side- so, acrylics being acrylics- I was able to adjust yet again. I think I am definitely an acrylic painter, not an oil painter, because I do like being able to make adjustments after a period of time- if necessary.
I still like the smell of oil paints - whether it is healthy or not- because it smells like the old Art School to me. I've been reading about  various people's art school experiences - some good, some worthless. I'm glad I went when I did as I had a classical education. We had to learn to draw first, we had classes in composition, learned some fundamentals of graphic arts (called "commercial art" in those days) and generally received a good background. We  went out as groups for plein air work. Oh yes, we drew from plaster casts too and were taught contour shading. I think it was a good background - we even had some art history- but I don't necessarily think it made me a better artist than people who have learned on their own or in workshops. I think it is a good idea to see yourself as a perpetual student. I'm still watching demos, reading books, studying art history and going to occasional workshops - as well as doing Life Drawing regularly. I would say that the one thing- maybe a downside?- I got from Art School was that people think if you went there, you should be able to **paint** period and that includes house painting!  And, yes, I have just been doing some of that which means I am not at the easel!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Into August-

Just got my newsletter done - and I used this new, experimental painting of Isabella in her BirdsBeSafe collar. She likes the collar and it makes her visible to the birds. So I had fun with using lots of colour on a black cat. I wonder what the reaction will be to the newsletter!