Friday, December 23, 2011

and here is the photo

somehow this got missed-

An "installation"

Apart from a couple of drawing sessions, there has been no large chunks of time devoted to painting this past week---too busy with Christmas preparations. However, it occurred to me that I could claim an "installation" - the tree is up and decorated so that is part of my "practice" (to use artspeak) for the week. One interviewed instructor in a glossy art magazine said that after studying art, everyday activities are potentially loaded with social, political and historical meaning. Wow! and to think I was just decorating a tree to make things look nice!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas fast approaching

Christmas is getting closer and tomorrow we have a small group for Life Drawing and a potluck lunch. It is always nice to fit in a bit of socializing while keeping a hand in drawing. I've got the cards done and mailed and am taking a break from tree decorating. I think I like the Grand Firs better but they were out of them and now I have a Noble Fir. It smells great but was really heavy and now I'm thinking it is awfully dense for decorating. I like it when there are spaces for a bit of see-through. The drawing here is one that was done in the small group - coloured conte' on pastel paper. It just got rejected from a show but I know it is a good drawing - especially with the leg muscles. Sometimes there is a real prejudice, still, against nudes in art. When a person gets rejected, it just can't be taken personally and, in the long run, really means nothing.