Sunday, March 26, 2017

Graphitint and Life Drawing

I am working a bit smaller and in neutrals for a bit in life drawing. I'm using Derwent's "Graphitints". These are graphite pencils so you draw - and erase- just like ordinary  graphite pencils.  The graphite is tinted somewhat so there is a subtle colour, Then, when a wetted paintbrush is applied, the colours become more intense and will wash out a bit to create shading in the drawing. This is not a very heavy paper so there is some warping of the paper- but the effect shows. This was just a ten-minute pose but I thought it turned out reasonably well. I'm enjoying having a go at smaller, more controlled drawings - at least for a bit. When this sketchbook gets filled, I may go for Inktense or water-soluble wax crayons for wilder colours and less control. I find it is good to change what I'm drawing with every so often. Of course, every other Friday, for Long Pose, I'm continuing with mixed media - for now, anyway. Next Wednesday night is a Long Pose and I will work in pastels on pastel paper. I can't seem to confine myself to just one medium!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seven Forty-five

I used this one on my March newsletter. "Newsletter" sounds long and wordy but it actually is just one page with a picture and information about what is coming up. I call it "Loraine's Art News" and that fits as the title.  (E-mail me if you want to go on my list) This is another of my City Evening series that started with the smaller "Five fifteen" of people leaving offices for the homeward dash.  Then I moved to 16 by 20's with " Five forty-five" -  a couple crossing the road closer to home with red lights reflecting on the pavement. This one is the dash to the eight o'clock show start. I like a lot of city lights paintings and wanted to see what I could add to the genre. Mine all involve people- no empty streets for me!  Some are a bit lonelier and not all evenings are wet ones. I think they are all places we can relate to - and feel that it could be us out there. Modern cities are pretty generic now so this isn't like my series from Rome, Venice and Prague. This is definitely North America. I start each on a dark under-painting and sketch in - first with white chalk (erasable!) - and then blocking in with Zinc or Transparent White before moving in to darks that aren't done with Black plus the colours. I like acrylics because they work well for glazing so the colours- especially lighted windows and reflections on pavement- are all built up in layers for more of a depth. I'm working on a 20 x 30 one right now- but you'll have to wait to see the final result.