Friday, July 25, 2008

Home for Eva

Last night's opening for "Oil and Water" saw a good turnout for a varied show - varied in subject, media, sizes and styles. I was pleased to see a red dot (sold) on my painting of the Eva but I don't know who bought it. Once, at a talk, I was asked if I regretted selling a painting - "letting it go", so to speak. I answered - and still feel- that for me it is completing the creative circle. I get enjoyment from the idea, working it out and creating the painting. Then, when it is completed, to have someone else enjoy it adds to my enjoyment. I can see, if you are an amateur, that you might want to keep what you see as your "best" work if you afraid you won't be able to make one as good again. But, for me, it is the process that is important and I love to think of other people enjoying the "product". When I know the name of the person who has bought a painting, I like to send a thank-you note and tell the owner a little bit about how the painting came to be. In California, it is the law that artists are to be told who the buyer is. Here, it varies, with privacy laws sometimes used as the explanation of why the artist is not told who has their painting. Some of the nicest things I have been told about my paintings are from their owners who have said things like "I enjoy it every time I go through the entry hall." to "Every time I look at it, I see something else." That's the best payment of all!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Oil & Water"

The juried show "Oil & Water" will open this Thursday, July 24 in the Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Arts in Tsawwassen. The reception starts at 6:30 pm and closes at 9:00 pm and the award presentations run from 7:30 pm. There will be refreshments- guaranteed good as Margreth is in charge. I have two pieces in this show. One is of the "Eva" - the fishboat that is in Finn Slough. It is captured half in warm sunlight and half in shadow. "Early Snow" is the other painting- inspired by a snowfall that came before all the leaves were off the birch. It was an interesting mix of golden leaves, dark twigs and clumps of snow. As I worked on it, I decided that such a complex of shapes needed a more complex approach, so I built up texture and worked in bits of collage to create an interesting and complex surface. There are many colour variations. At times, it almost felt like a jig-saw puzzle! Take a close look at the surface and see what you think. I will be at the reception and also "sitting" the show one day - time to be announced when I know. I hope to see you there!
The address is 18th Avenue and 56th Street - Tsawwassen's main street- right near the arena. ( 1710 - 56th Street) and the show is sponsored by the South Delta Artist's Guild. Further information at