Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Oil & Water"

The juried show "Oil & Water" will open this Thursday, July 24 in the Kiwanis Longhouse Centre for the Arts in Tsawwassen. The reception starts at 6:30 pm and closes at 9:00 pm and the award presentations run from 7:30 pm. There will be refreshments- guaranteed good as Margreth is in charge. I have two pieces in this show. One is of the "Eva" - the fishboat that is in Finn Slough. It is captured half in warm sunlight and half in shadow. "Early Snow" is the other painting- inspired by a snowfall that came before all the leaves were off the birch. It was an interesting mix of golden leaves, dark twigs and clumps of snow. As I worked on it, I decided that such a complex of shapes needed a more complex approach, so I built up texture and worked in bits of collage to create an interesting and complex surface. There are many colour variations. At times, it almost felt like a jig-saw puzzle! Take a close look at the surface and see what you think. I will be at the reception and also "sitting" the show one day - time to be announced when I know. I hope to see you there!
The address is 18th Avenue and 56th Street - Tsawwassen's main street- right near the arena. ( 1710 - 56th Street) and the show is sponsored by the South Delta Artist's Guild. Further information at

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