Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Grid of Apples

The display committee has done a great job hanging my work at White Rock Community Arts Council Gallery. I especially enjoyed seeing 16 of my 6x6 apple paintings hung as a grid. I had them arranged on the floor at home, working out the arrangement - but it was a real pleasure to see them hung. One apple has a bite out of it - but there is an alternate square with the apple whole- so the purchaser can choose how to hang it. I used a metallic gold background for these paintings as each apple then becomes a sort of icon. Just for fun, the produce tag showing the type of apple, is stuck on the back of most of the paintings.
Because of the long weekend, it now seems that the show will close on June 28th, instead of the 30th--- but still time to get out there to have a look!

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