Sunday, September 4, 2011


September always seems like the start of a new year- guess that is sort of an academic hang-over! Still, it is a time when meetings start up again after the summer break and we get into the swing of things again. I've already received notice that my painting, "Have a Cool One" will be in Autumn Salon at the Federation Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver. It opens on September 20th and runs until October 2nd. I love the play of light and shadow and this was especially a joy to do with the interesting shadows cast by the straw hat. Nadine, the model, likes the way the painting turned out too. I did a pastel in an hour and a half - and also took a photo for additional reference. Being able to put paint on in layers really adds a richness that isn't quite there in the pastel. Peter Aspell, one of my former teachers, used to talk about "the sensuous quality of paint." I like to aim for that. I used transparent darks for the shadows. Anyway, I'm glad that "Have a Cool One" is having a chance to be seen in an exhibit.

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