Monday, January 8, 2007

New Year and New Galleries

I've been waiting to make a new post - thinking to come up with a profound statement to start a new year - but no profound thoughts have occurred. So, I'll just comment on the new galleries. The Fruits and Veggies are part of a series of small paintings. Almost all have metallic paint backgrounds. There are actually more- about seventeen varieties of apples so far. Each seems to have its own personality. I still haven't found a Gravenstein or a Northern Spy- and a few other varieties I know exist. I haven't done tomatoes yet. White onions and red onions - but not yellow ones yet. Somehow, cherry season came and went without cherries making it to canvas. So, maybe there is a New Year's Resolution after all-" buy enough cherries that they all don't get eaten immediately!" I can't promise you a whole bowl of cherries but maybe I'll paint at least three survivors.

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