Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life Drawing

I believe that drawing is the basis for painting - and also that you have to keep in practice. I regularly go to life drawing as the human figure is always a challenge. Also, you can see your mistakes. A tree, drawn a bit "off" may very well look okay- but not so with the figure. Besides the club session in the Art Centre painting room, some of us are in a smaller group that meets Friday mornings either at Adrienne's or at Gail's studios. Our small group has "show and tell" at the end - and we do learn from each other, although we all have our own styles. Coffee break is always interesting. Models are always interesting too. So many are such creative people themselves - musicians, singers, actors, craftspeople, dancers, designers - and even painters.This is a coloured conte' drawing from the "long pose" last Friday. One half hour before the break and then an hour of the same pose afterwards.

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