Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging and other

I'm thinking of a number of things. I'm reading a biography of Matisse and finding it interesting that there was such camaraderie among the artists of the time. Also, so much public interest and comment about what was painted and shown. At one point, Matisse created a bit of a stir by putting oranges into a still life- apparently a bit of an innovation. I think there is so much art these days, and so many means for people to see it as well as so much in *alternate* entertainment, that almost *everything* has been painted. Oranges are hardly innovative now! It is also interesting to read of Matisse's struggles with his ideas. Sometimes people think painting is easy and relaxing - but, really, a lot of thought goes into it. He also had family stresses besides money shortages. His in-laws had a miserable time after working for Frederic Humbert - sort of a Bernie Maddox of the time- so, at one point, they were accused of being co-conspirators. Interesting insight into the times. I recently saw "Julia and Julie" and enjoyed it for a number of reasons. But, it also made me think about blogging and if I should do it more frequently and if anybody reads it anyway! There are no recipe books to follow for an art count-down and I certainly cannot become a "painting a day" person.For one thing- where would I put them all? - so, I guess I have to limit myself to occasional musings - and I might have more to say about Matisse later. The Summer Gallery Show closes today. "Towers- Cesky Krumlov" was one of my paintings in the show.

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