Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympics and Artistic Growth

Well, the Olympics are coming to a close. I've found myself more interested in speed-skating after our drawing groups involvement in a speedskating project. We went to watch some practices and an early competition. We were able to do sketching and also take photos. Then we completed a painting or two for submission to Speed Skate Canada. We also made a group collage of our sketches. Selected paintings and our collage- along with a wonderful video documenting our project (made by Mike Hughes) - were then exhibited in Richmond's City Hall and are currently being auctioned off. Some are also printed on cards and even posters. It was a really interesting project and I was glad to be part of it- although my painting was not selected for the big display. We had fun being at the Oval and had a great group camaraderie. I had a great time studying how artists have portrayed movement- and I enjoyed trying to do so. However, this *did* result in a painting that would not easily lend itself to being copied commercially! Definitely it would not work for printing on a sweat-shirt, for example. However- another interesting attempt - and isn't it, after all, through trying different things that we grow as artists?

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