Friday, April 23, 2010

Brushwork Variety reception-

Last night was the opening reception for "Brushwork Variety". The Federation Gallery looked great and the paintings were all nicely grouped and displayed to advantage. The back wall had at least one from each of the seven artists in the show- which was a really nice touch. We had a good turn-out and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. I did a bit of sitting after the concrete floor got to me. (I found I was stiffening up with standing!) However, a night's rest cured that. This painting is one that is in the show. It is "Trastevere September" and is just a walk down from where my daughter was living in Rome. I love the way light comes down between the buildings and catches on the cobblestones. It is amazing how the streets last through time. Apparently, drainage is actually better with cobblestones. Another thing is that they are endlessly recyclable so no doubt are more environmentally friendly than our flat asphalt. My paintings are from the trip to Europe but the rest of the show has a lot of variety and much appeal. It runs through to May 2nd and is worth a trip to Granville Island.

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