Friday, July 2, 2010

July's Art Scene - "To Each His Own"

Here we are in July and time for a couple of summer art events. The Summer Group Show at Omega gallery will be showing some of my paintings. Because of space limitations, not all will be hung at the same time. (But if you are interested, you can ask to see them) I have posted some in the blogs, previously- there is "Spices", "Lanterns", "Blink" and "Finn Slough Spring" - along with this one - "To Each His Own". The reason for the title is fairly obvious as the kayaker paddles past the yachts at Granville Island! The other upcoming event is the Fraser River Art Festival at London Farm on July 11th from 10 until 5. There will be a number of artists as well as face-painting for the kids. This is one I've never done before but I'm assured that it is fun- and I sort of got my arm twisted by a couple of other artists who told me that I just *had* to do it. I will be taking some of the small fruit and veggie paintings that work out great for kitchens as acrylic can be wiped off in the event of a cooking disaster! I'll also take a variety of other paintings, especially local scenes. Now all we have to do is hope that the weather cooperates - but we all have tents for coverage. ... and so we move through the summer...

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