Saturday, November 20, 2010

Change of Medium

I was just reading where Marc Chagall said "I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment". I certainly know that I like to switch around at times. Right now, at Wednesday night Life Drawing, I'm working in pencil crayons in a sketchbook. On Amazon, there was an offer for "Multicultural Crayons", "Colors of my Friends" - so- how could I resist? I ordered a box and added it to my stash. It has a nice variety of browns, mostly and gives some extra choice - but I still took the big Dick Blick collection. The crayons are nice but not as waxy and blendable as Dick Blick and Prismacolour. For now, then, I'm enjoying the change to coloured pencils. Each medium gives a different feel to the drawings. Here they are - and a sample drawing. The "15" marked on the page means it ws a 15-minute pose.

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