Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Gallery at Omega

I delivered my paintings to Omega this morning. The gallery is looking lovely and fresh and even has a new floor. My paintings include the one of Burano from the last blog and this one of the Estates Theatre in Prague. This is just a little painting (10" x 8") that I did to try to capture the magic of an evening at the opera. This is the same theatre where Mozart premiered "Don Giovanni". (And conducted it ) If you saw "Amadeus", you saw the inside of this theatre. The amazing thing is that it is still the same- with electricity substituting for candlelight-but still with the beautiful boxes and their gilt cherubs and drapery. When we were in Prague, we went to this theatre, sat in a box - and even saw and heard "Don Giovanni". People do dress up - at least to the extent of nice clothes and no jeans. I didn't see anybody there in full evening dress. Nevertheless, it was a very elegant evening. Each box has a mirror that reflects another box - this was so some subtle flirting could go on without having to lean out and be obvious to others.I'm not sure how a person could arrange to be in a box with the mirror reflecting the object of their affection- but I'm sure it was worked out. I used our reflected box to do another sketch. Not as romantic, but I enjoyed myself.

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