Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spicing it up

Art isn't all painting and drawing. Sometimes it is gardening and sometimes it is changing something about the house. My spice jars had been around forever and were quite grungy. However, you know how it is- you just get used to them! Then, for various reasons, I saw them in a fresh light and decided to make a change. First, I changed over the grungiest to new jars and new labels protected with storage tape so that they would wipe off. The problem there was that then the rest looked worse than ever! So- no answer for it than to do a major re-do. Peppers of various types all got hot pink labels and I changed the others according to the spice and my mood. One advantage is that the new jars have a slightly smaller diameter - so they fit on the turntable better. Not likely to make it into an art gallery, but it is nice to open the cupboard door and see bright, fresh jars of spices.

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