Friday, November 4, 2011

Ten Cents a Dance

I just posted this painting for my November Newsletter but the format cut off her feet- so here is the full painting. It was done after Helene posed for us, at Adrienne's, in a costume that included a vintage hat that had belonged to her aunt. We set up the lights so there was rather dramatic edge-lighting. At the time, I did a drawing in coloured conte' and took photos. Then I painted this. There was something about the hat and the pose that made me think of the Depression era and the position of women then. They had a determination to somehow survive and make things right for their families... so I hoped to convey that determination in the painting. Since then, I've also made a 5"x5" ink and colour drawing that is now part of the International Mail Art Exhibition opening on November 17th in Richmond Art Gallery.

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