Friday, June 29, 2012

Heart of Steveston

Going up for the busy Salmon Festival Weekend at Steveston - but actually staying up through to October 12, is a show called "Heart of Steveston". It takes place, appropriately enough, in the heart of Steveston - corner of #1 and Moncton- in Rocanini Coffee shop. I am showing paintings - of Steveston, of course, along with three other artists - Jeanette Jarville, Karen Parker and Rita McArthur. 10% of any painting sale will go to Richmond Hospital Foundation. I'm including a few of areas not right in Steveston, but nearby, such as Britannia and Finn Slough. It is a great opportunity in a great location so I hope it all goes well. I won't be able to manage the opening reception as I am recovering from hip surgery but I will be in and out of there in the future. This one is "Winter Sunset, Finn Slough"

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