Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Studio cats dress up

The studio cats are looking especially spiffy these days and are happy in their new ruff collars. Digby had proved himself to be a successful birder - causing owner-stress!  Isabella, in the meantime, was missing the distinction of her plastic collar from the vets. Yes, she actually *liked* that collar.  She had had to wear it to keep her from bothering the stitches in her tail from an encounter with a raccoon. So, one thing led to another - and on to a Google search- and Birdsbesafe was found. So we sent off to Vermont for collar and ruffs to protect the songbirds. Made of washable  eco-friendly cotton, they come in colours that songbirds can see. Both cats are happy and comfortable and I also feel it is helping Digby be calmer as he does not have the excitement of bird-catching. Isabella shows her Italian background by preening in her new fashion accessory. Each has a spare "just in case" so they will be all set to show off at the next Open Studio - or drop by to have a look anytime.

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