Thursday, April 11, 2013

Helene in peasant costume

So here is the full picture of Helene in a peasant costume. It was interesting to paint the shadows and the reflected lights. As I mentioned in my newsletter, the colour course I was taking at the time made me really think about the neutrals- mostly evident in the skirt. The real background was a window with a closed Venetian blind so the colour choice for the background was just that- my choice. I felt the cooler background sat behind Helene and let the warm colours of the skin and the cloak come forward. The warm light made for cool shadows. It was great to have the space and time to get in a day of painting. Marvin had been thinking Millet-type peasants but Helene's curls and mischievous expression had me painting her more like Little Red Riding Hood. However, just like a Millet peasant, she is holding a potato.

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