Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paintings delivered

The paintings were delivered today- this one is one of them. It is called "radishes" - what else?  It is 8"x 10" and is $95. One of the neat things about acrylics is that they are okay to have in a kitchen. Even if something got splashed on one, it could be wiped off - because you have a durable plastic surface. I got a gluten-free apple and cranberry muffin that was really good and I have heard from a friend who had lunch at the Living Cafe' and said it was delicious. I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings hanging in the cafe'. Right now, I'm not sure if they come out at the end of this month or at the end of October- but, just in case it is sooner, rather than later- pop in to have a look!

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