Monday, November 4, 2013

Cat from the GuessWho? sale

There was only one cat painting  in the GuessWho? sale - and this is the one.  (Yes, I painted it) It sold and has gone on to a good home.  I couldn't part with the paintings of Digby and Isabella so I found another cat to paint. "Chi" is Mike Hughes cat - and a very handsome one. The lady that bought the painting especially liked his blue eyes. The sale was a lot of fun with a lot of excitement and, hopefully, hooked people on the joys of owning original art. The weather, however, did not cooperate. There was an absolutely horrible rainstorm which interfered with some people coming out. However, we sold 44 paintings and one photograph and made over $2000 for Richmond Food Bank.  One quote  I once read, from a collector, said "What does it matter if my children inherit a few digits less if I leave them the art that touched my soul? What was important to me will remain in their homes all their lives. I know of no greater gift."   ....and with Christmas not that far away, maybe some of the paintings will be gifts now size fits all....

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