Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reclining Nude

Reclining nudes are a very traditional subject - but always different each time. At the Art Centre, we don't have a couch or even room to store one so we have to improvise with cushions, benches and drapery. So, this pose was put together with what we have, following the inspiration of a pose from a book. Of course, once all the cushions are piled, we end up with something different--- and the comfort of the model has to be considered as she can't end up in a pose where, say, circulation got cut off to an arm. Drapery is always a challenge as the model, of course, must take breaks - and then the drapery is never in exactly the same folds. I find that once I've got the drapery blocked in, I have to stick with what I have -in spite of any changes- so I try to get the basic shadows and highlights in quickly. Again, I used Mi-Tientes "tobacco" colour pastel paper and a mixture of hard, soft, and pan pastels. The pan pastels are good for blocking in light and shadow to start with, I find. I really like pastels for skin tones and am currently mulling getting some more soft pastels plus a different box to carry them in.... and then I need a different box, other than my old tackle box which is just too big and has unusable space, for my acrylics.  I'm always thinking, as I trundle my supplies, that some people could probably go on a world-wide trip with less stuff!

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