Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DoorsOpen 2015

I just sent out my newsletter with this one- "Not Just Daisies" on it as I will be showing this on Saturday for DoorsOpen. It is a fun, bright floral based on flowers seen at a Community Garden here in Richmond. I'm busy organizing paintings - while discovering some escaped me and are not wired - so pause has to take place so they can be attended to. It is fun, of a sort, to pull out a lot of paintings and set them up so you see them in a new way. All this work requires a pause in actual painting production and today's rain has cancelled the pleinaire expedition, causing a pause in that too. Still, a slight pause can be a good thing as reflection certainly has a place in painting. It is working for me because I am about to embark on a new project, not ready for announcement yet. Ideas are in the brewing stages -writing down ideas, doing some very rough sketches, collecting references and so on. I'll start on some more sketches after DoorsOpen to work out compositions and then move forward on something that will be a bit different. Stay tuned for updates!

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