Friday, January 15, 2016

The big square- making a statement

I just sent off my newsletter for January and I put this painting in it - only the format cut off some of the top and some of the bottom - so here is the "full square". It is 36" square, acrylic on canvas. It was created from a photograph. We had been painting in Queen Elizabeth Park. I had done another tree- working in pen and ink and watercolour. Then, as we went back up the path, the light was shining through this tree and I snapped a photograph. I felt it was an inspiration for a new beginning. There are actually words painted on the canvas - now obscured but still there. It is up in my newly redecorated bedroom where I am enjoying it. At one point, I had the focal point as the flower bed at the left, but after discussing it in a critique, realized that I had veered away from the original inspiration of the light through the tree. Lesson learned - remember what made you want to paint it in the first place! So some more sky came down into the painting and the front flowers were subdued and a little more variation happened in the tree limbs. Now it says what I wanted it to say.

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