Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lots of Activity!

The "artist's life" has been very busy lately. A group of us from Life Drawing has been over at Richmond Oval sketching the Canadian Speed-Skating Team. The plan is to produce some finished work that will be juried to make a selection for display during the Olympics. When we do our life drawing, our short "warm-up" poses are one minute. *One second* is more like a speed-skating sketch - so it is a real challenge to get the angle and gesture and feel of it all. Interestingly, after drawing at the Oval, we had a regular drawing session and the one and two minute poses seemed to give a person all the time in the world to draw! Then, we were given the lower hallway at the Cultural Centre to display paintings, so that was fun getting the chains hanging at the right levels. My painting "Rendezvous" is hanging there. Also, we have had meetings to organize our website and it is now up and running- -and for anyone wanting the Multifaith Calendar for 2010 - go to

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