Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ceperely Park

The exhibition "Just a Season" continues at Fraserview Church (until February 28th) I had quite a few questions as to where Ceperely Park was. It is actually part of Stanley Park and I'm not quite sure why that piece got a separate name. Further, I gather that the name is no longer in common use. It is the area with the playground by the swimming pool. I understand it also included the area beyond Lost Lagoon where there is the little stone bridge. There are also group picnic table areas and I remember being on a Sunday School picnic there once. My painting is in the winter, however, with the sun setting. There are ducks silhouetted in the foreground water. The row of trees in the background is along the Seawall walk. This photo shows Barb Bowen adjusting the painting.

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