Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Just a Season"

"Just a Season" was the title Barb Bowen decided on for the exhibition I am having at Fraserview Church (11295 Mellis Drive) which opens this Sunday (January 10th). Barb wanted my snow paintings but then also some hinting at a turn of the season to Spring.I'm glad that snow is confined to the paintings and the mountaintops and isn't down here making traffic miserable like last year. There will be a reception at 11:30 AM. Church is at 10 - but people can come to just the reception. Having an art gallery in a church is such a nice thing and it is exciting to be showing there. With the Art Centre regular functions closed down because of the Olympics, classes are moving temporarily to Fraserview - so there should be lots of traffic through the church then.
The church will be projecting one of the paintings on the big screen in the sanctuary before services start and also using one on the church bulletins- so that is really nice too. "Winter Pond" is the one on the poster and is quite recognizable to people who walk the dyke by Sturgeon Banks. Part of my "artist statement" says "I want my work to be representational to the extent that the viewer can feel 'Oh yes, I remember that', but I also edit and emphasize so that something more is felt, the essence of the moment is evoked and a connection is made to the viewer."

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