Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back at the Easel

I'm actually working on three paintings at the moment- well- not all at the very same time! One is a large close-up of allium seed-heads - and I'm feeling my way on that one, with pauses between sessions. Another is just a blocking-in of something to have for the next Finn Slough show. The third is *probably* finished. I was working from a coloured conte' drawing from a Life Drawing session. Our model sat on the stand while we were figuring out how we wanted the pose to be. She was just very relaxed and had her feet turned in. It was a bit different, so we decided to go with that pose. I thought it would make a different painting - so here it is. Interestingly enough, while a lot of classical nudes are in major museums and private collections, it is very difficult - at least here on the West Coast- to exhibit nudes --- and even harder to actually sell them.Granted, you might not want one in your living room, but they are nice in a bedroom. Well,maybe that depends on your guests. When my mother was alive, she used to complain, every time she came over, about the nude I had in our bedroom. I still like *that* nude and will post here sometime. And I like this nude too - she has such an impish expression.

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