Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Endeavours...

I just listed myself on the BC Travel page- as I was looking at another listing and found I could do this one for free. I've posted my snowy painting on it. So that is a new one for me. This week, the figurative show has opened at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island and I have my painting "Little Black Book" in it. This was done last year up in "Gail's Attic" with Helene modeling. We had fun with the set-up - trying to avoid a boring "girl in chair" pose, yet have something that wasn't a strain on the model. We decided to create a "scene" and have her with shoes off. Tanya picked up the shoes and dropped them so they would fall casually and then we also decided to have the book too. I think we had a glass of wine on the table but, in working out what I wanted to paint on the challenge of a different-shaped canvas, I left that out. I had fun painting the shoes. This was a four or five-hour pose and was all painted right then. Definitely the fun way to paint! I probably would choose to paint people over and above most other subjects but I'm waiting to win a lottery so I can afford to hire models all the time. Definitely I would consider portrait painting too but so far have not found a lot of demand in that field.

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