Friday, February 25, 2011

Paintings 2010 up to date

The posted paintings are now up to date - scroll down on the right side of the web page to see the collection from 2010. It is always interesting to review the year's output- and 15 of them - more than half- are figurative. Two are cats. Five are still-life and two are flowers -one indoors, one outdoors. So that leaves only three that are landscapes- a bit of a switch from how it is sometimes. I might paint more cats - but the current residents are pure black and too hard to see all the detail! The painted cats don't live here - one is a resident of Finn Slough. I have some more ideas for pretty well every category but some depends on opportunity- like having a model to paint. -this one is of Nadine and I call it " The Straw Hat". She looks very tropical but actually posed by a heater in winter. I loved the way the hat made such interesting shadows on her face.

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